Dr. Katherine Siens

AzVMA, USDA, AVMA, graduate of Ross University

About our doctor

Dr. Siens lives on a small farm in Chino Valley with her husband, son, chickens (Don Diego and his harem), goats (Fitz and Tuzigoat), barn cat (Stewie) and 3 dogs (Goldie, Belle and Cinderella). Dr. Siens and her husband, and now their infant son, enjoy camping and exploring in the National Forests of Northern Arizona.  

Dr. Siens graduated from Ross University Veterinary School in 2014 and started practicing in the quad cities area 6 years ago when she and her husband moved from Oregon looking to be closer to family and warmer weather.  Since starting her career, Dr. Siens has been working hard in her community and professional roles, but found herself lacking the time to nurture herself and her family. As her professional development continued to grow, she suddenly found herself taking on two exciting new roles: motherhood and business ownership.  As she watches her son grow like a weed, she has noted a new appreciation for quality of life and this is a facet of veterinary medicine she would like to provide for staff, community, patients and self.  Dr. Siens’ goal is to build a practice family that takes care of themselves so they can take the best care of your furry/scaly/feathered family member. 

Dr. Siens professional interests include behavior, public health, and staff wellness.