Frequently Asked Questions

Pets should receive a series of “core” vaccinations in their first year, which should then be boosted the next year. After that, most of the core vaccines are given every 3 years. We encourage annual wellness examinations, in which we can discuss your pet’s lifestyle and risk factors to determine which, if any, vaccinations are required that year.

Regardless of whether your cat leaves the house, it’s still important that they receive the core vaccinations. Some of the viruses the core vaccinations protect against are airborne. So even if the cat remains indoors most of the time, they are still susceptible to illness.

To keep your pet healthy, you should visit the veterinarian for a preventative exam at least once a year. Puppies and kittens should be seen every month for the first four months. As your dog or cat ages, you can even head into the animal clinic twice a year. These visits allow your vet to check the overall level of your pet’s health and screen for early signs of serious disease.

  • Copies of your pet’s medical records and vaccine records
  • A sturdy carrier or leash to restrain your pet in the lobby area
  • If yearly wellness visit or if having issues, a fresh stool sample
  • A list of questions for your veterinarian

If an emergency arises during office hours, please call our office. If during evenings or weekends, we refer all emergencies to the awesome team at Yavapai Emergency Animal Hospital (YEAH). Their information is below:

Yavapai Emergency Animal Hospital
(928) 460-7282
7876 E. Florentine Road
Prescott Valley, AZ 86314

We work closely with the doctors and staff at YEAH to be sure our patients have care available 24 hours a day.