Preventative Care

From pediatric to geriatric, we have all of your wellness care covered. Preventative care for your pet is so important to help avoid parvoviral infections, heartworm infections, and external and internal parasites. Catching disease early with annual blood work and exams helps us manage your pets quality of life more effectively and potentially prolong their life.

To keep your pet healthy, you should visit the veterinarian for a preventative exam at least once a year. Puppies and kittens should be seen every month for the first four months. As your dog or cat ages, you can even head into the animal clinic twice a year. These visits allow your vet to check the overall level of your pet’s health and screen for early signs of serious disease.

Prevention for your pet includes annual exams and vaccinations, discounted routine screening blood work, heartworm testing and prevention, and parasite and flea and tick prevention.

Pediatric Care

Please ask about our puppy and kitten programs, providing great savings during the first year of your new family member’s life!

Senior Care

Let us help you with the transition to senior care with joint supplementation options, diet transitions and modifying activity to encourage quality of life.